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Friday, April 9, 2010

Template available for FCC "Future of Media" Comments (Due Date: May 7, 2010)

Matt Schuster of MetroTV requested that this be posted:

"Now that the FCC has released its National Broadband Plan, they are moving to examine the Future of Media and Information Needs of Communities in a Digital Age [GN Docket No. 10-25] - . The Commission outlined a number of questions on which they seek comment, including Question 27, which seeks input on the role of PEG in the digital era (see below).

Because it is imperative that the Commission hear from Alliance members, we have prepared a template. The template is split into two sections. It first seeks to share a com­mon message as members of the Alliance for Community Media and then seeks to offer insights specific to your community to support the Alliance's answers to Question 27. If you would like a copy of the template please email Gerry will also send you a help sheet on how to file your comments at the FCC.

Question 27. With regard to cable television, local franchising authorities can require a cable operator to provide channel capacity for Public, Education and Government (PEG) channels and some facilities and funding for such channels.
* Are these channels being used as effectively as possible for the provision of useful news and information to communities?
* How has the role of PEG channels changed over time, and how could their effectiveness be im­proved?
* Does statewide franchising change the number and composition of PEG channels? Does it serve to promote the intended benefits from PEG channels or undermine them?
* Are there other ways to provide for the benefits from PEG channels in the digital age?
* How should operators of PEG channels work with noncommercial television and radio licensees, as well as with other non-profit media entities?"

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