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Monday, April 12, 2010

Government Access Channel Manager for PikeTV

Pikeville College, located in Pikeville, Ky., is seeking a manager for PikeTV, a new local government broadcasting organization jointly created by the City of Pikeville and Pike County Fiscal Court. The cable channel will serve the governments of Pikeville and Pike County, the Pike County school system, Pikeville Independent School System, Pikeville Medical Center, Pikeville College and the Pikeville Main Street Program. A board of directors established by these entities will govern the channel and Pikeville College will administer the directives of the board. The channel will offer quality government and educational programming on two cable television systems serving the citizens of Pikeville and Pike County. The channel will also serve as an instructional component and service learning opportunity within Pikeville College’s communication program curriculum. Pikeville College plans to expand its communication program offerings to include most, if not all, of the skill sets required in the video and radio communication fields. As part of the college’s education curriculum, it is anticipated that the students will produce many of the programs which will be presented on the channel. The manager will advise, and to a certain degree assist the faculty of Pikeville College with this instructional practical learning program.

Job Description Summary
The channel manager’s key responsibilities include operations, planning, outreach and development. This person must lead and inspire others, manage a team effectively and oversee the production of quality programming that will increase citizen access to governmental meetings and provide informative television programs of interest and value to residents. The manager will also serve as an advisor to Pikeville College as it develops its expanded communication offering as this program is implemented.

Duties and Responsibilities
Responsible for the general management of PikeTV, including administrative, financial, technical and program operations
Lead the development of a new studio facility and programming schedule
Work with the PikeTV Board of Directors to give direction and leadership to the organization’s mission, goals and objectives
Provide development and training in conjunction with Pikeville College’s broadcast communication internship program
Work with a diverse constituency to produce quality programming, including public meetings, community and educational programs, emergency information, school events and sports
Prepare and present to the Board of Directors a monthly report on operations
Prepare a proposed annual budget and implement responsible fiscal and operational policies
Keep informed of trends, issues, events and developments within the public access field
Other job duties that may be assigned by the Executive Board

Required Knowledge/Skills
Extensive knowledge of cable and public access television field
Experience in field and studio video production, operating rules and procedures, the use and maintenance of production equipment and varied modes of cable-cast and other dissemination technologies
Excellent verbal, written and public speaking communication skills
Work experience with local government agencies, educators and community groups

A bachelor’s degree in communications, video production or a related field
A minimum of five years of supervisory, managerial or administrative experience in the public access field, or in related areas of community media, public administration or arts. Executive director experience a plus.

Send a resume, letter of interest and references by Friday, May 14, 2010, to Human Resources, Pikeville College, 147 Sycamore Street, Pikeville, KY 41501. Attention: Channel Manager. Equal Opportunity Employer

Founded in 1889, Pikeville College provides an education for primarily Appalachian students from Eastern Kentucky and bordering states. For more information about Pikeville College, visit, find the City of Pikeville at or Pike County Fiscal Court at

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